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  Gendakiwi is my artist handle I've been using for the past 6 years. Art is my full time job - aside from the merchandise I sell through my online store, I also paint murals and design branding assets for small businesses on commission. I’m also currently working on a passion project called ‘Devil in My Heart’, a visual novel game that revolves around my original characters.

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    How do I form my own art style? 

My art feels inconsistent, so when I get this question it's always a little bit of a surprise! But I think I know where to start answering it. One thing that will help is to stop seeing your art style as just a YOU thing. Your art style is very special, but it is not something that is solely formed by yourself. Your art style is a combination of all that inspires you! Don't get it confused with copying or tracing. Acknowledge your inspirations, but don't steal from them. Your art style is literally a zombie of your favorite anime, cartoons, other artists, and media you consume. Your art styles doesn't have to be 100% original, or something that no one has seen before. Put less pressure on yourself and have fun! 


Who are your favorite characters to draw?   

I have some comfort characters that I kinda hyperfixate on sometimes, haha ! Other than that, I like to draw my ocs!  


How do we send fanmail?  

I love writing letters! I encourage you to send letters to your friends too, since it's really fun, and it's a nice feeling to receive them!   Write your letter on paper and whatnot, put it in an envelope and add whatever you want. Keep in mind if it's a letter, you are sending a 'flat'! 'Flats' can be shipped with just stamps, but if you overstuff the envelope, it might not slip though the 'flat''s width limit, and if it's too heavy, then a simple stamp won't do! That would make it a 'parcel', and shipping it would require more than one stamp. If you're sending a 'parcel', head to your local post to ship it out with them. They make a shipping label and ship it for you, but it costs more. Remember to add your address with everything you ship out so the person you're sending to could write back! Make sure it's the right address too, because spelling mistakes happen. My PO Box at the bottom!  


How are you so good at art ? How are you so cool too?

How is your meat so bi-  

Dear person asking this question, which is me, but HYPOTHETICALLY, the person asking this question , you don't have to hype me up so much ! :^))))) I'm just simple lil ole Meli... Keep all of your good vibez! Practice what you love, gravitate towards positivity, and don't put yourself down. It will make your meat HUGE .


What brush is that? 

This question is a little bit annoying because I get it nonstop even when I answer it. Almost all of my artwork is 100% done with 6B pencil on procreate, if not, it's the marker tool. Tip- Get used to what brushes you have by making a canvas and write down the name of the brush with the brush itself with a little test scribble next to it. The pixel brush is a custom brush I made off a YouTube tutorial! I'm not tech savvy or good at explaining so please look for the people who made well written tutorials of it. 


Will you ever make a resin or art tutorial? 

Nah... Especially not for resin, because resin should only be done with a secure setup because of how dangerous and just destructive it could be. I'm just not comfortable with encouraging people to do resin if something bad comes from that.

As for art , I don't know what I would teach! I'm very basic with art, I just do whatever I think looks nice or whatever I feel like doing, so it's a little hard to explain. Art is a very general thing and I don't believe that there's any "right" or "wrong " way to do things. BUT ! I love giving art tips so much! I could talk on and on about tips, it's so much better than trying to play teacher for me. I have a lot of experience, so I am more than happy to share thing's I've gain from it!  


My P.O Box as of May 3, 2023  




store policies

customer care

I do my best to ship things out as soon as I can – usually within a week of your order. If it's been over a week and your order has not been shipped, I've probably been swamped with orders or super busy! I do everything myself at home, so please bear with me :)

Sticker orders are sent out in a flat envelope with no tracking. Everything else will come with a tracking number that you will receive in a confirmation email once I ship your order. In my experience, orders take about 2 weeks to arrive. If 2 weeks have passed and you still don't have your package, let me know!

Received the wrong order?

Whoops! That's on me! Good news for you though: if you get the wrong order, you get to keep it! And I'll ship you the correct one, free of charge. Woo! Free stuff!

Sent me the wrong address?

We all make mistakes! If you noticed that you sent me the wrong address, tell me right away. If you wait until after I ship your order, there's nothing I can do other than give you a discount code for rebuying the products. But I've been selling for 3+ years, and that's never happened!


Package came damaged?

I can send a replacement if the damage is really bad! But this is an issue with the shipping provider. I send no damaged products.


If you have any other concerns or would like to reach out to me for a problem with your order, please contact me! You can email me or DM me on Instagram or Twitter. Thank you for reading! 


privacy & safety

The personal information you share with me through my shop will never, ever, be shared with anyone else. In addition, any emails asking for addresses/info/receipts of certain past orders will be rejected unless it pertains to refunds  with proof that the person messaging me is the same one who made the order. And rest assured that when you pay from my shop, all I do is receive your payment. I don't have access to anything other than what was paid to my shop, the order, and the address to send your order to.


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