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Refunds and Customer Service 


   Hello there! If there's a problem with your order, please let me know! There is no shame in reaching out to me! Message me at most preferably! I might not answer right away, but I do customer service usually when I do my mail runs. 

   Received the wrong order/something missing?  Whoops! That's on me! I pack everything on my own, you receiving a wrong order means that I sealed the wrong package! Good news for you though, if you get the wrong order, you get to keep it, and I'll ship you the correct one, free of charge! Woo! Free stuff! Don't send me back the initial package, give it to a friend or yourself!

   Order taking too long? My deepest apologies! Please keep in mind that after I ship the order, I am now depending on the 3rd party, most likely USPS, to properly deliver the order to you. I can't make the order go any quicker, but here's a time frame to help you decide on when to contact me.

 After you order, I would take no more than a week to ship it out! If it takes longer than a week, that means I was /really/ cramped with orders or hectic busy. I try to ship things out as soon as I could though, so that's not something that happens often! Your order, if it wasn't only stickers, will come with a tracking number in the shipping confirmation email that gets sent out when I ship. If it's only stickers, it will be send out with no tracking number in a flat envelope. From my experience, it takes about a week and a half to arrive. If it takes more than two weeks, then let me know! I will work on sending another package, or refunding the order! Proof of order required please!

Sent the wrong address? We all make mistakes! If you noticed that you sent me the wrong address, tell me right away, specifically, tell be before I ship, so I could correct it! If you let me know after I ship, then I'm sorry, there's nothing I could really do about that other than give you a discount code for rebuying the products, but I've been selling for 3 years, and that's never happened!

Something came damaged? This is something that rarely happens, but if it does, please let me know! I could send a replacement if the damage is really bad! This again is some troubles between the third party, being the shipping provider. I send no damaged products.

 More?  These are some problems that could happen coming from the top of my head! But if you a concern or would like to reach out to me for a problem with your order, please do message me, through my gmail,, through the message option here (still a little new to it though!), or my Instagram/Twitter! Thank you for reading! 

For any issues, contact my email or use the contact form by clicking on any of the images! 

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