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Customer Care

Hi there! It's me, mid-production Meli. So here's a paragraph on customer care and whatnot! If you're reading this, know that this little odd paragraph won't be here once I get down to selling and understand the railings of selling under this format. 

  For now, in the meantime, here's how I ship out any orders. I write down the addresses and line them up, pack them in order, then go to my local post office, pile them on the counter, then pay for the price they give me to ship them out. Now, almost every order will come with a tracking number in the shipment email unless the other is just stickers! Standard mail takes about 1/1.5 weeks to come, and don't have tracking. If it takes longer than 2 weeks to come, let me know, so I would work on getting a replacement or refund! The problem with standard is that because they don't have tracking, they could get lost in the mail! 

Privacy & Safety

 I've been selling my art for 3 years now and have never, and never plan on giving any private information to anyone other than myself. I, (me, Melissa, the one who made this site) am the only one with access to my online shop, and no one else has the ability to get in. This is all backed up, and my backups have backups, so no one other than me will see your address (maybe the postman!) or your orders.
In addition, any emails asking for addresses/info/receipts of certain past orders will be rejected unless it pertains to refunds and customer service with proof that the person messaging me is the same one who made the order. 

Last note, for payment info. Rest assured when you pay from my shop, all I do is receive the money, and nothing else. I don't have access to anything other than fact of what was 
deposited to my shop, the order, and address to send said order to! So, even if I wanted to do a credit card PayPal type hacker scam, I can't! But not that I want to! But if I did .... I can't ! 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


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