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An update on this page!

Hi there! Here's an update on this page regarding some things I wanted to say! 1. So the ask blog didn't work the way I thought it would haha! Not that there was a shortage of questions to answer- There was alot of really good ones I enjoyed reading and already planned out responses to them, but the idea did not match my time managing ! I always book myself with projects and it gets to the point that I get overstuffed and completely forget some things. When I get down to draw I'm always thinking 'Need to work on the Visual Novel!', 'Need to work on these charms, stickers, print, design thing!' 'Need to do my commission art! People are waiting!' and sometimes I get down to draw as a spur of a moment thing ! That being said, I'm not abandoning the ask feature! This was made to answer questions in character, but alot of people were asking me personal questions, so I'll keep it up so I wouldn't have to limit myself to just one! 2. You might be thinking 'what the heck is "Working Title". Working Title is the name of the visual novel I'm working on because it's most certainly a working title! I'm very indecisive with names to be honest, I've been sitting on what to call this visual novel for MONTHS, trust me! So for now, until I could feel comfortable with a name, I'll keep it to that. As a peep, one of the names I have in mind is "Best Wishes," though it's just not it! When I figure that out, I'll adjust the page accordingly. 3. You ALSO might be thinking "Visual Novel? What's it going to be about?" When I'm ready, I will add a summary, sneak peak, whatever cool things to make it very appealing, but for now, I'll sum it up as simple as it could be ; a human slipping into a world that belongs to devils! I'm working at a main illustration for it, and here's a peek of it. This blog will be for me to jot down my progress, thoughts , peeks, answer questions in and out of character, and put down character notes that won't fit well under instagram, twitter, or tiktok's layouts. Thank you for reading, thank you for your support and patience, and I hope you all are just as excited about this project as I am!


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