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Hello! My name is Olga Tapia, but I go by “Meli” online! I’m a 23 year old Chilean/African artist born and raised in Queens, NY, currently living in New Jersey. I’m the artist ‘gendakiwi’ - welcome to my portfolio! 

Art is my full time job - aside from the merchandise I sell through my online store, I also paint murals and design branding assets for small businesses on commission. I’m also currently working on a passion project called ‘Devil in My Heart’, a visual novel game that revolves around my original characters.

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I like to tap into people’s sense of nostalgia with my art, specializing in pieces that are colorful and dynamic. Fanart has helped me develop this style, and continues to be a source of inspiration for my art career. I’ve been posting my art publicly since 2012, and on Instagram since 2014. I sold my art in person for the first time at Brooklyn’s Boroughcon in 2018, and have since developed a deep passion for using my artistic expression as a vehicle to connect with others. Over the past 5 years, I’ve tabled at over 10 anime, game, and comic conventions including Metrocon, MagFest, ALA, and more – and I hope to continue tabling at many more!

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 Devil in My Heart is my passion project - a visual novel focusing on the story of a human getting lost in a devil's world. The visual novel runs as a click-and-play story where wrong options lead to game overs. This gallery includes graphics of my characters I've made for this site.

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Commission Work

   Commission work for "Bubz Boba Bar" in Dunellen, NJ. Work for Bubz, past working partime, includes mural painting, seasonal window painting, and designing anything the owner asks of me. 
Currently also working on designing a mascot for "The Cave" in Dunellen as well.


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