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Gendakiwi - Olga Tapia ! I go by Meli, because Melissa is my middle name.

The artwork I make is of my interests! When I intake media, I usually am inspired to make pieces of what I enjoy. I've been dipping out of my own contrary to make my own designs and try out something out of the norm for me by making my own storyline through a visual novel format. 
I like to tap into people's child-like sides with my colorful and pop art, which is why I've been enjoying selling things such as buttons, stickers, posters, and keychains, things that could always be looked at. Hopes are my art envokes joy to the people who sees.

I'm 21 years old. I'm mixed between Chilean/Sao Tomesim (small island in West Africa) 
I was raised in NYC, living in NJ right now!

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