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  Fill out this forum if you'd like to request a phonecase commission ! It has all the info you'd need for it, though you could contact me if you have more questions! Because demand is high and I'm only one person, I will be closing the forum when I have enough+opening them again when I'm ready! 

 ***IF you've already filled out the forum last year, let me know! People who already signed could let me know the name/email they put in and I'll pull info from the forum + you would get commission priority for waiting for so long ;__; <3 


Time to Deck Out Your Phone!

Prices !




1 case commission 
-comes with a charm
-comes with goodies
-shipping included

2 case deal 
-10% off

An extra matching
shaker charm
-decks your phone 
out super hard


Untitled_Artwork 9.png
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